“We have more than quadrupled our business together in a short time.”
Jay O. Nostalgic Warehouse, Hardware Supplier

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Wayfair is part of a $600 billion total addressable market. We’re driving customer loyalty and building market share by offering an easy and enjoyable way to make every space feel like home. We’re committed to creating an exceptional (and exceptionally fun) shopping experience. Begin exploring this opportunity with us today.

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Join our growing marketplace, where millions of customers have spent $8 billion total in the last 12 months.


Through $775 million in ad spend in 2018 and promotions like Way Day, we drive customers to your products.


We treat our partners like family. We’ll help shape the best e-commerce strategy for you.


We use our intuitive partner portal, 3D technology, and more to make online sales a breeze.

The Magic of Wayfair

We’re excited to partner together. See why Wayfair should be your number one choice when working with an e-commerce company.

19+ Million Customers

Get access to Wayfair’s fast growing and loyal customer base.

$8 Billion in Sales

Be part of a marketplace that’s growing 40% every year.

35+ Million Orders

All placed in the last year. We make it easy to manage and fill orders.

What Can You Sell?

Wayfair sells millions of products across a variety of categories. See where you fit:

“I have worked with Wayfair for close to two years and it has been a GREAT experience. They genuinely make you feel like you are a part of the Wayfair family and want to see you succeed!”
DeShun S. – Furniture and Décor

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Are there fees when working with Wayfair?
No. Wayfair doesn't take a percentage of our partners’ sales like other traditional e-commerce retailers. We operate on the wholesale cost model, meaning we pay our partners the wholesale cost of their items, and we set the retail price.
Do partners pay for shipping?
No. Wayfair operates on the dropship model, so we send the customer order to your warehouse, then you pick, pack, and prepare to send the product directly to the end customer. Wayfair arranges and pays for 100% of the ship cost.
What is the timeline for getting my products on-site?
A dedicated onboarding team is easily accessible and ready to assist you every step of the way. The setup process can take as little as two weeks, and partners can begin seeing sales within a month.
What if I have questions?
The Wayfair team is here to help! We’ll walk you through the onboarding process and will give you access to the tools and analytics you need to manage and grow your business.